“Are Sansar Sansar’ …an immortal Marathi poetry.

Bahinabai Chaudhari (1880-1951)

Bahinabai Chaudhary was a brilliant poetess born in 1880 in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. Though she was illiterate , her literary talent was remarkable.Her poetry revolved around the life of the villagers, farmers and hardworking women in that era and also the analogy of nature with realities of life among other subjects. Her cousin brother Sopandev chaudhari wrote her poems as dictated by her. Before that lot of her poems could not be preserved unfortunately. Her poems written in unique style are really an invaluable treasure for poem lovers all over the world. She married at an early age and was widowed at the age of 20. She had to tolerate all the ill-treatment given to widows in that era. Yet she never blamed destiny and worked hard for livelihood and brought up her kids and also wrote magnificent poetry.

I am presenting here one of her poems which depicts the reality of managing family happily inspite of all odds faced in life. The poem name is “Are Sansar Sansar‘ meaning “How beautiful is managing family!!”.

अरे संसार संसार, जसा तवा चुल्ह्यावर,
आधी हाताला चटके, तेव्हा मिळते भाकर ।

Are sansaar sansaar jasa tawa chulhyavar. Aadhi hatala chatake tevha milate bhakar.

In that period clay chulhas(burners) were used to cook which used coal as fuel. The basic food or bhakri or indian bread is cooked on a pan. The pan becomes hot for feeding beautiful food to family members and also the housewife sustains small burn injuries in the process but the joy of feeding family is so pleasing that she forgets all the burns in this process.

अरे संसार संसार, होटा कधी म्हनू नाही
राउळीच्या कयसाले, लोटा कधी म्हनू नाही ।

Are sansaar sansaar hota kadhi mhanu nahi. Raulachya kalsale lota Kadhi mhanu nahi.

Feeding and managing the family with love despite all odds and agonies is not a task that is unliked by mother in the house as the beautifully carved top of the temple is not just a shape of glass kept upside down

देखा संसार संसार, शेंग वरतून काटे,
अरे वरतून काटे, मधी चिकणे सागर गोटे ।

Dekha Sansaar Sansaar , Sheng varatun Kate, are varatun Kate, madhi chikane sagargote.

These family duties are like beans which have thorns from outside but have beautiful seeds inside. The joy of keeping family happy is so pleasing that it helps to forget all the difficulties faced in doing so .

अरे संसार संसार, नाही रडन कुढन
येड्या, गयांतला हार, म्हणू नकोरे लोढनं ।

Are sansaar sansaar , nahi radan kudhan ,yedyaa galyatalaa haar mhanu nako re lodhan.

This task of managing family is never felt by the housewife as burden due to the odds in the process but she feels that it’s a beautiful garland of flowers as it gives so much happiness to the housewife by seeing all the family content with the love of mother.

एक संसार संसार, दोन्ही जिवांचा इचार,
देतो सुखाले नकार, अन् दुखाले होकार ।

Ek sansaar sansaar donhi jivanchaa ichaar . Deto sukhale nakat ani duhkhaalaa hokaar

Family means thinking and bringing up all members in the family and in the process more agonies are encountered than moments of happiness.

देखा संसार संसार, दोन्ही जिवांचा सुधार
कदी नगद उधार, सुखदुखःचा बेपार ।

Dekha Sansaar Sansaar donhi jivanchaa sudhaar.Kadhi Nagad udhar sukh duhkhanchaa bepaar.

The financial difficulties faced like borrowing money from others is a usual affair in this duty to make both ends meet.

The poem was picturised in Marathi film “Manini”.

Bahinabai chaudhari passed away in 1951 and her name was given before North Maharashtra University to commemorate her contribution to Marathi literature. Her works are published by government of Maharashtra in the book ” Bahinabainchi gaani” (songs of Bahinabai).

Let’s Salute to this brilliant litteratuer.

Delicious Bitter Gourd curry.

My Lockdown cooking effort
Bitter Gourd curry. (कारल्याची भाजी)

Bitter Gourd is disliked by maximum but the bitter taste of the same can be transformed into delicious taste by cooking it properly. I made an effort to cook this curry last year during lockdown.


Bitter Gourd
Grated coconut
Green chilli powder
Salt to test
Cumin seeds
Mustard seeds
Lemon juice
Garam masala

Things required:


Cut the bitter gourd in this slices or small pieces by removing the seeds. Soak it in water. Add a pich of turmeric salt and a spoon of lemon juice to it. Let it soak for 10 minutes. Cut a tomato finely. Take pan. Put some oil in it. Keep gas on medium flame. Put mustard seeds. After they crack put cumin seeds and asafoetida. Then put some turmeric and finely chopped tomato. Stir it. Put lemon juice 1/2 spoon. Then put mixture of finely cut corainder,Ginger , coconut and garlic into it. Stir it for a minute.Then put Water as per quantity and let it boil for 2 minutes. Put green chilly ,salt and garam masala as per quantity and taste. Add the bitter gourd by rinsing the water. Stir it and add some water. Let it boil for 10 mins and your curry is ready.Serve hot with Chapatti.

Castor or Ricinus.

Castor or Ricinus. An abundantly available medicinal plant.

Male and female castor flowers.

This plant though little toxic is perennial and found in all tropical regions of globe. The castor seed oil is used in pest control and is an important component of bio-fuel. The flowers are attractive as shown. The seeds are tough and they are used in jewellery by villagers. The fruits are thorny.

Castor plant Pune

A clean comedy with childish gestures.

Life is full of worries , agonies and tensions. The moments of ecstacy and far lesser than those of agony. So one needs something to forget these moments as we move on in the life. The only medicine to achieve this is humour. But humour also has lot of variations which may lead to multiply the complexities. So a humour which is clean, descent and happens instantly or depicts childish behaviour is really a boon to forget the agonies of life.Mr Bin or Rowen Atkinson who is famous for the legendary bin character has been a source of great happiness to all who love comedy. His child like character in shows makes us so relieved from the stress ans strains of life. At the same time his character sometimes confronts the egoistic rich persons in scenes like one in the plane where he gets first class ticket and expresses his happiness in a bizarre way in front of a high ranked officer for whom it’s nothing more than habit of travelling always in first class in the plane. Mr Bean’s character performing a surgery on police officer with hands is so hilarious. There are so many such instances of Mr Bean making us laugh to forget the agonies of life. Long live the comedy of Mr Bean in our minds!!!! Clean and remarkable comedy indeed. Thanks a million Mr Rowen Atkinson for your Art.

West Indian Lantana

West Indian Lantana.A weed brought by Dutch people to Rest of the world. Although beautiful looking, this weed obstructs the growth of plants in its path. This grows anywhere. The flowers could be red, orange , white. The smell of the flowers is peppery. This image is captured on Pune Mumbai Bypass road Warje Malwadi Pune India.

West Indian Lantana
Another attractive flower of same.

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